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The Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings covers all houses and a large number of new co-ownerships (“condos”). Established in 1999 by the government of Quebec, it is managed by three administrators authorized by the Régie du logement du Québec (RBQ) and arises fromRegulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings. In addition, the warranty is transferable to any subsequent purchaser. To benefit from it, you must do business with a general contractor holding an RBQ license with subcategory 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 andaccredited by a guarantee plan administrator.


The National Building Code was amended in 2010 to reduce the risks of exposure to radon. Under the new code, new buildings must be equipped with a vapor barrier to limit radon infiltration, and with pipes allowing the possible installation of an evacuation system. These pipes will significantly reduce the cost of remedial measures that may be necessary to reduce radon levels in your home.

The Quebec Construction Code (A- provides for the installation of a protective membrane against radon: “(A- Protection required against humidity. The use of a protective membrane under the floors on the ground protects against humidity, protects the concrete against the attack of sulfates coming from the ground or underlying aggregates and protects the occupants against effects of underground gases including radon”.


On April 15, 1999, Minister Louise Harel announced that the Quebec Technical Committee for the study of swelling problems associated with pyrite had developed an analysis method, called the CTQ-M-100 standard, to eliminate the risks of swelling associated with this material. This certification allows producers (quarries) of aggregates (crushed stone) to guarantee their customers that they are providing them with crushed stone which can be used without risk under concrete slabs for construction and renovation work. In fact, it does not cause any damage if these rocks are of good quality. This stone called“DB certified crushed stone” (DB for Concrete Slab) must have been analyzed by one of the independent laboratories recognized by the technical committee.


Until DB certification is mandatory, if you buy a new house, renovate or build a garage, include in your contract: the obligation to use “DB” certified backfill stone and ask to see the delivery note or any other proof.


Iron ochre, what is it? In the presence of water and oxygen, the iron present in the soil oxidizes, thus forming an iron hydroxide sludge which gradually clogs the French drain as well as the catchment basin located in the basement of the property. This deposit is first observable on the internal face of the drains and the catchment basin and can thus block it partially or completely. The iron ocher phenomenon is pernicious since it can cause significant damage before the owner even realizes it.


So, before buying a property in a risk area, refer to the result of a soil analysis before making your decision. New or existing homes, municipalities, builders and brokers remain rather reserved on the subject. Despite the possible corrective measures to be made to buildings, despite the fact that iron ocher is covered by the guarantee plan in the case of new construction, you will only alleviate the symptoms to your great dismay. The only truly proven solutions to iron ocher, such as waterproof casing of the foundation, lifting the house out of the affected area and filling the basement with granular materials (condemning the basement), cost a real small fortune. As for the other techniques, none has yet really proven itself.


Regardless of the type of new residence you are purchasing, the builder and you, the buyer, are required to conduct a pre-acceptance inspection together. This inspection is carried out using a pre-established list of items to check that the contractor must give you. It is your right to be accompanied by a building inspector.






This step is crucial because an independent home inspection completed by a certified professional home inspector often reveals deficiencies overlooked by the contractor. Furthermore, if these anomalies are not noted at this time, the buyer only has three days to add them to the list of work to be corrected or completed, and only if he has not yet moved into the property. house or condo. After this period, apparent defects which have not been noted will be excluded from a warranty claim. The house will then be considered to have been viewed and accepted as is.

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