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Reservation online or by telephone:


After your inspection request, I will contact you by telephone as soon as possible.


Your inspection date will be submitted and confirmed.


You will send us by email or fax:


  1. The registration form number

  2. Seller's declaration


You will receive by email:


  1. Inspection service agreement

  2. Standards of practice

  3. Pre-inspection preparation list

  4. Article 1726 of the Civil Code


On the day of the inspection, the house will be inspected.


At the end of the inspection, the building inspector will verbally communicate any anomalies and defects found and have the ''Certificate of Completion of a Home Inspection'' form signed.


The building inspector will collect the signed Service Agreement and payment after the inspection.


The building inspector will produce a personalized inspection report with photos and descriptive illustrations.


The report will be emailed within 48 hours after the inspection.

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