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It is known that buying a house is the main investment that many people will make in their lives. The buyer of an existing or new home should therefore never hesitate to link their promise to purchase to an inspection condition.


An inspection is essential for two reasons:  

  • Obtain a complete and detailed report on the condition of the desired building;

  • Detect defects and anomalies likely to reduce its use and value.  

Although not mandatory, the inspection is an important step in the process of purchasing a new home. You should never give up on it. The inspection aims to find apparent defects and signs of hidden defects in the building. It allows you to know the condition of the property and whether urgent or major work needs to be undertaken. The report tells yougives tools to negotiate". If the inspection reveals, for example, that the foundation is cracked, that the attic ventilation is compromised, or that the roof is at the end of its useful life, you could ask the seller to reduce their price by result.

You buy the house and you discover a hidden defect? An inspection report “will increase your chances of winning a lawsuit against the seller. If you buy with your eyes closed, the judge may not hold the opposing party responsible and blame you for not having had your home inspected.

Start your research now! Above all, don’t wait to sign a promise to purchase before taking steps. Start as soon as you begin your “shopping”. Because even if it is left to the discretion of the buyer and seller, the usual time to carry out the inspection is only five to ten days following the signing of the offer.


A good inspection protects you; you, your family and your investment.

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