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Our mission is to preserve and promote the health of living beings
in their living environments byelectromagnetic hygiene.


Health byelectromagnetic hygienein our living spaces is one of our main activities. Our services are therefore aimed at everyone.


For us, health is a primordial, essential and universal foundation for all sustainable development. The cornerstone of our lives in the present moment, it is also part of the most important legacy to present and future generations. Since industrialization, the presence of artificial electromagnetic radiation in our environment has increased tens of thousands of times. It always grows exponentially. However, we know very little about the direct and indirect effects of this radiation, both on the surface and inside our bodies. But also on the environment which is always essential to our own life, to that of all humanity.


We offer a serviceelectromagnetic hygieneto people wishing to exercise caution with regard to their health, ensuring that they reside in places where the artificial and natural electromagnetic radiation present is at presumed levels recognized as having no potentially harmful effects. You will then be able to situate your personal results in relation to the national and international levels currently recommended in a preventive approach.

In this way, you will be able to make more visible what seems invisible in your home.

We are at your service to detect, measure and write expert reports concerning AC electromagnetic fields, radio waves, microwaves and local geomagnetic mapping. We also offer solutions applied to the reduction of identified sources, as well as an information service onelectromagnetic hygieneto our customers.


We mainly serve the geographic area ofMetropolitan Montreal and the Laurentians,
but we can travel, if necessary, throughout the province of Quebec.


We can assist you with all of your needs;
- From initial diagnosis to final mitigation report
- Before buying or renting
- From construction to renovation
- Mitigation products for professionals who can carry out work
- As well as providing valuable advice on electromagnetic hygiene


Electromagnetic hygienein our homes
Detect, Measure, Inform and Mitigate
• AC magnetic and electric fields •
• Radio waves & Microwave •
• Electrosmog •
• Source mitigation solutions •

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