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I personally dealt with Mr. Myette (building inspector) and I was extremely satisfied with his expertise and professionalism. In addition; Mr. Myette recommended companies (RBQ) who worked at my home and who did the work in a way that gave us confidence in the quality of the work carried out. I recommend him and give him a score of 120% out of 100% for his integrity. 👍 👍 👍

Yves Bernier

April 12, 2018


Mr. Myette has a somewhat rare skill. He doesn't watch his time and easily identifies problems. His report is precise and complete. Thank you for everything,


Diane and Roger Viens

March 17, 2018



Hello Mr. Myette,


I didn't have the time to tell you this properly but I wanted to sincerely thank you for the inspection and the outstanding service you gave me. We are in the house, we like it. As you announced, heating costs seem to be the weak point of the house. I will try to work on the situation in the spring. Nevertheless, your assistance gave us confidence in the purchase and, once again, I am completely satisfied for the work you carried out.


I wish you a happy new year 2018, prosperity and health, to you and your family.


Steve Fontaine


January 4, 2018


Alain combs the houses with a fine-tooth comb, as he says. He gave us the facts about the house we were going to buy. He takes the time to explain each problem to us in depth, and makes sure we understand. A true enthusiast! His expertise was greatly appreciated.

Josianne Gagné & Anthony Plourde


November 24, 2017


Thank you for providing us with all these insightful comments. We were more than satisfied to have required your services. We will contact you again during the winter to check if the ventilation is sufficient.


Thanks again for your excellent work. Looking forward to it!


Marthe and Alain Gill


November 6, 2017


My partner and I are on our 6th inspection, for the first time, on June 3, 2017 we opted for Myette inspection, under the recommendations of our real estate agent. Mr. Myette is the most qualified person we have met. He sees things, it is very impressive to see him work. He explains everything and in very clear terms. I will recommend it for sure. He is, without a doubt, the best in his field, we were very impressed. Do not hesitate to use Myette inspection services, you will understand what I mean...It is the most detailed of inspections.
Thank you Mr. Myette, you really clarified our choice. Buying a house is no easy feat.

I just received the inspection report, 72 pages and let me tell you that it's not copy and paste, it really detailed everything, in pictures, in explanations... Wow! We even managed to save $7000 because he saw an infiltration problem that we hadn't noticed, ... We are really impressed with the good work he did...

Thank you for everything and see you soon


Annie Longchamps


June 9, 2017



Mr. Myette, how can I thank you??!!! Thanks to your great report, Caisse Desjardins canceled all fees for my parents. This is such good news!!! My mother thanks you a thousand times and more!! And me the same of course J  I am truly grateful to you for your availability, your professionalism, your respect and your kindness.

During our last communication you asked me to leave a review on your site but I was unable to do so because I could not find the “leave a review” section…. It would be my great pleasure to leave a review, please let me know how again.

Once again we thank you very much. We will not hesitate to advertise to you. Besides, I'm going to call back the bill's journalist to tell him about the very positive developments in this matter (at least for us...)  and I'll take the opportunity to talk to him about your involvement in this matter, if that's ok for you of course. I think it would be great publicity for you if he ever returns to this issue during a future show J


Louise Rancourt


March 22, 2017

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