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(Before inspection)


Our goal is to ensure that the inspection is carried out without delay or delay.  There are certain arrangements that must be made before the inspection in order to make this process as smooth as possible.


This includes:


Service agreement


  • Print, read and sign the Service Agreement

  • Print and read the terms and conditions of the Standards of Practice

  • Print and read article 1726 of the Civil Code


  • Arrange and confirm access to the property with all relevant parties


Free and accessible access


  • Bathroom and kitchen

  • Store items away from sinks, sinks and bathtubs

  • Water heater

  • Electrical distribution panel

  • The attic

  • Crawlspace

  • Furnace

  • Confine animals if necessary


Additional notes


You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or postpone your appointment.



Thanks for choosingINSPECTION Myette inc.


We hope you find your experience enriching and profitable.

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